We all know what mankind has been through in the last year. It was like the almighty himself was taking our final exam. We witnessed, precious times, moments of despair, flashes of courage and time of motivation in the year. But one thing we didn’t come across was the exams.

Hoping that the current year would bring some fortune, we shall be ready to prepare ourselves for the chances we have missed. This relates to the NTSE exam 2020-2021. Gear up as we shall explore the guide to these exams in brief here.

NTSE exams 2020-2021 come alive this year

To a major delight of the aspirants, the NTSE exam that was held in various states in the year 2020 will continue with its second stage this year. The major notice here is that the second stage of the NTSE exam date is released. The exam will be held on June 13, 2021.


The first Stage NTSE which was held in December 2020 was conducted by various UT administrations of the country. Students who were able to clarify this test are eligible for attending the second stage of the NTSE exam, which will be held in respective states across the country. The exam is for candidates who are studying in the 10th class. The candidates should be below the age of 18 years for applying. The age is calculated as per the date 1-7-2021.

How to proceed

The first thing to do is to fill up the online form for attending the Stage 2 examination. The online forms can be filled using the SERT official website of the respective state. Many schools are also providing the form to be filled, so it’s better to keep a watch for it. You can also get forms from the state liaison officer’s office.

Last dates

The last NTSE Exam Date 2020-2021 is defined by different states. The forms shall be filled within the last date and should not be delayed in any case. To know more, you can visit the official NTSE exam’s website.

Documents to be attached

When you submit the form, you may need to attach certain documents. These include a cast certificate and a recent passport-sized photograph. One thing to note here is that student can choose their exam centers which is an option given during the form filling. After filling the form and attaching the documents, you can send the copies to your school authorities and they will proceed further. This step may be ignored if you have filled the form online along with online payment of fees.

Scholarships and reservations

The NTSE authorities are awarding a scholarship on certain reservation criteria. If you are among one of the following categories, you may attach your reserved certificate copy with the form documents. The categories are as follow:

Besides, a scholarship of Rs. 1250 is awarded to students of class 11th and 12th on monthly basis. Also, a scholarship program of Rs. 2000 per month is being declared for postgraduates and undergraduates’ students.

There is much more information on the NTSE exam 2020-2021 that might help you prepare in a faultless manner. Keep in touch with our blog posts to know more tricks and tips on the NTSE exam 2020-2021 date and preparation.



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