CBSE 10th Board: Result (Out), Live Updates, Revaluation & Toppers List

After the announcement of the 10th board results here comes the time to choose among the streams. Read further to understand a few correct ways to choose a suitable stream.

CBSE class 10 results 2020 along with many other state boards are now announced. With the announcement of the CBSE 10th board results comes the time to make a decision among the streams. Considering it one of the biggest decisions of school life, students and parents often choose streams depending upon the marks obtained in a certain subject. For instance, students obtaining good marks in biology often go for medical stream and the ones who are more inclined towards mathematics choose non-medical. A mediocre student goes for commerce stream and the ones scoring fewer marks often opt for humanities. However, taking a marks-based decision is not always the right choice.

How to Decide Among the Streams?

According to suggestions and ideas received from expert counsellors, making choices among the streams must go through certain filters such as family discussion and research, financial resources, future prospects, potential, and inclination. The choice must not completely depend on the marks received in subjects but should also include the student’s desire, interest and above all the career options available afterwards.

Explore Career Options

Choosing stream after Class 10 board exams of CBSE or any other board is equivalent to choosing a career path. Students do choose a career irrespective of to which stream they belong but a majority of them choose a career path based on their streams. Students while making choice among science, commerce and humanities streams must research about the career options attached to it and explore their own interest in them. For example, mathematics and economics can allow one to opt for data analytics courses, marketing courses, BA as well as BSc degrees. It is no longer necessary to take PCM to have a range of options available to you.

Do not follow the crowd

Do not take science just because your friend is taking it. Getting influenced by friends and end up taking streams that don’t even match your interests or skill set is the worst idea. Such a decision adversely impact career prospects in the future. Before making a decision, students must think wisely about the factors that will motivate them throughout the course. They must make sure to choose a stream that matches their own interest, potential, and ability.

Admission-based Decision Making 

Clear your vision and make your mind towards one direction because sailing in two boats never helps. Preparing for two different exams of completely opposite streams creates confusion. Students often make a list of colleges they want to take admission in and start preparing for all of them altogether. Take an example of preparing for BMS and BTech admissions together. It not only creates confusion but also builds stress and anxiety in the student’ mind.  One should keep their plan in sync with the perspective of preparation required for admission to these courses. Keeping a backup plan is good but going with Plan A and Plan B simultaneously is not the correct way to move forward.

Discuss with the experienced ones

One of the effective ways of going forward is seeking guidance from reliable people in the community. Whether it’s your parents, teachers or professional counsellor. Talk to them, discuss your ideas, views, and ask their opinion in order to make a successful decision. Parents and teachers are among those experienced people who can easily judge the inner strengths and interests of a student. Both serve as a major influence on a child’s decision. Here, parents also need to understand that they must not simply impose their decision on the student but help them explore their strength and weaknesses.

Strength-based Choice

Students must consider different parameters while selecting the right stream for Senior Secondary Education. However, choosing a  stream matching your own strength is the foremost criterion which should be kept in mind. In order to make a significant improvement in one’s career path, choosing the right stream is vital. There is no good and bad stream as opportunities are available in abundance in every field. Taking the right step towards building a successful future is something that’s necessary.

Henesh Rawat
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