Event Management Courses after 12th

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Event Management Courses after 12th – Get full details about having a career within the event management industry. this text consists of data like pros and cons, eligibility, courses, colleges, and salary

In India, many students, after the completion of the 10th or 12th class, have an interest within the best event management courses. Anyone who wants to pursue a career in event management must have many qualities like leadership qualities, public relationship skills, marketing and business development skills, risk management skills, budgeting skills, etc. a number of these qualities are inborn, and therefore the rest are often cultivated. There are many event management colleges in various parts of India, like Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Nashik, Nagpur, Mumbai, and so on. Here is that the list of top event management courses after 12th under bachelors and diploma.

  • Bachelor of Arts in public relations and event management
  • Bachelor of business administration in event management
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations
  • Advanced Diploma in Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media, and Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Event Management

Event management courses after 12th

After the completion of 12th, students have a heap of opportunities in various fields like advertising, visual communications, event organizing, and many more management courses after 12th and in considering the event management course, there are a vast scope and job security in this growing community and let’s take a peep on the Event Management courses to pursue after 12th

Table of Contents

Listed below is the table of contents regarding various information on Event Management Courses after 12th which includes

Event Management Courses after 12th / graduation in India

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

The Event Management courses after the completion of the 12th standard are available in major cities of our country, and the course details are listed along with the contents of the course need to acquire imminent information and skills to be a successful event organizer.

Contents of event management courses after 12th

There are various diploma, postgraduate, and bachelor courses which you can pursue after 12th in event management. Most of the courses in event management are job oriented also, which will help you get placed in one of the top organizations.

  • Basic Event Accounting
  • Event Creation Workshops
  • Event Logistics
  • Event Marketing and Advertising
  • In-house Event Training

Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Event Management courses after 12th

Event management is a particularized sociability field for those people who are interested in planning and running an extensive array of events, vary from business conventions to music concerts. Here is the graduate degree under event management, you can choose from event management courses after 12th with three years of course duration.

  • Bachelor of Arts in public relations and event management
  • Bachelor of business administration in event management

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Event Management

The bachelor’s degree in public relations and event management focuses on the antics of public management and social relationships you build while your interests are vested and tied up with the course and the degree, it teaches you the communication skills that are required. This course is extremely insightful when one is into the art of event management and strives to understand the social construct that comes along with it.

Those eligible are the ones who have passed out of their 12th grade from a reputed field, having an interest in the field, and possess an interest and passion for professionalism in event management.

Bachelors of Business Administration in Event Management

The duration of the course is about three years as well, and it takes extreme dedication and focuses as this integrates the specialization of an MBA structured into the field of event management, basically allowing one to gain experience and the professional ethics of event management, the things you learn is the essence of event management. Eligibility criteria include your qualifying in 12th from a reputed board.

Diploma Courses – Event Management courses after 12th

The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third-party vendors, and emergency plans. Usually, event management course duration for diploma courses is 1-year.

Here are the diploma courses you can choose from event management.

  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations
  • Advanced Diploma in Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media, and Event Management
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Event Management

Diploma in Event Management

Graduates of Diploma in event management have a specific set of job opportunities like Event management consultancy, Hotel/Travel and hospitality industries, Advertising agencies, Public relations firms, Corporations, Integrated marketing & communications, Event budgeting, and accounting.

One needs to have completed their 10+2 with an aggregate percentage of 50% on the whole.

Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations

The duration of the course is about one year as such and requires a 10+2 completion, and this focusses on the public aspect of managing the event and catering to the audience involved in the event you are organizing, it proves a beneficial insight into the world of event management with a year of learning and executing.

Advanced Diploma in Event Management

This course of study is meant to teach students about and train them to work in the events industry. Classes take over topics such as planning, communications, research, and budget management; it also aims to teach the past and growing phases of event management, including their current scenarios. While some universities focus on the theoretical part, some tend to focus on the practical elements of event management and the hardcore issues and challenges that come along with the field and the arena of events.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Activation

PGD in Event Management is a 1 to 2 year-long full- time autonomous, industry-based certificate program. The program is mostly about event- planning and organization. Spread for over one academic year; the skill-based, practical curriculum trains enrolled students for the fast-growing and constantly evolving event management industry. The course includes subjects such as Introduction to Event Management & Activation, Brand Management & Marketing, Communication & Presentation Skills, BTL & Experiential Marketing, Event Planning, Ideation & Costing, Creatives & Collaterals, and Sponsorships.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations

PG Diploma in Public Relations is a 1- year-long course divided into two semesters, with each semester lasting six months. Public relations (PR) is a model of strategic communication that connects organizations, companies, and individuals with the public and media. A PR Professional’s job is to communicate with the target audience directly or indirectly through media channels such as press releases, newsletters, public appearances, 

He must also use the world wide web, to create and maintain a positive image of the company and create a mutually beneficial relationship with the target audience.

Master's Degree Courses in Event Management courses after 12th

Each event is different, so the process of planning & execution of each event differs based on the type of event. The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to business breakfast meetings. Many industries, charitable organizations, and interest groups hold events to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement. Like other master’s degree courses, the event management course duration for a master’s degree is two years.

Listed below are the Master’s Degree Course in Event Management

  • Master’s of Event Management & PR (MEM)
  • Master’s of Business Administration (Event Management & PR)

Master of Event Management  & PR (MEM)

Master of Event Management is one of the most popular and highly sought after business management qualification and the majority of the Event Management companies & related corporate houses, prefers candidates with Masters degree along with industry-relevant practical skills in Event Management for their top management positions. MEM (EM & PR) offers students a wider scope of career opportunities in multiple industries such as Advertising & Media, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management & Public Relations, and other related Industries. National Academy of Event Management & Development is the first of its kind to offer a well-researched and recognized MEM (Recognised University). A candidate with a Masters degree (Event Management & PR), will undoubtedly be blessed with brighter career opportunities as compared to his/her peers in the Industry. The duration of the course is two years with graduates eligible from any stream.

Master of Business Administration (Event Management & PR)

Master of Business Administration (Event Management & Public Relations) is one of the most popular and highly sought after business management qualifications. In today’s scenario, the majority of the Event Management companies & related corporate houses prefers candidates with Masters degree along with industry-relevant practical skills in Event Management for their top management positions. MBA (EM & PR) offers students a broader scope of career opportunities in multiple industries such as Advertising & Media, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management & Public Relations, and other related Industries. A candidate with a Masters degree (Event Management & PR), will undoubtedly be blessed with brighter career opportunities as compared to his/her peers in the Industry. The structured education shall empower one with a Sharp Vision, Effective Business acumen, and a unique Event Management skillset leading to a cherishing career. The duration of the course is two years, and graduates can apply from any stream of study.

Importance of Event Management

From a business perspective, event management is of creating events that occasionally provide an incredible opportunity to promote one’s business. The more popular a brand is, the lesser hesitant people will be for trying out new products launched by that brand. Event management skills, necessarily, require, following a specific schedule, and dealing with vendors to create and develop the best possible events requested by the clients. Along with project management skills, it requires the use of organizational as well as business management skills to envision, plan, and finally execute any such event.

Event management skills are, therefore, necessary for the company to get the required exposure and build a positive image of the overall company as well as any brand in particular. They not only serve as a chance for a well-established company to regain its importance by attracting an increasing number of prospective customers but also enable a growing company to cultivate a sense of interest in the ordinary people about the products and services they offer.

Event Management Scope in India

The Event Management scope in India varies from large-scale international events to small-time private events. A large team comprising of professionals is required to visualize concepts, plan to budget, execute, and organize events. Event management is catching up as a bright career option due to the element of style and glamour associated with related corporate and social events because of the increasing trend in the marketing and retail sector. It has cropped up as one of the most profitable and best career opportunities. The number of companies/individuals organizing and hosting events has been multiplying.

With the ever-growing interdependence of marketing and events, the demand for professionals in this field of event management is increasing. The jobs require go-getters, who always remain on the move. They must have zing and zest to make the events happen. They must have communication skills and presentable personality since they get to interact with relevant persons. An aspirant of event management should have a strong passion for events as well as the flexibility of schedule and time.

Event Management course details

Event management course details can be found in both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in meeting and event management, hospitality, or tourism. Some degree programs offer online training. Certificate programs, both undergraduate and graduate, offer courses in event management without the general education requirements.

The concepts covered under Event Management courses are

  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Catering and hospitality management
  • Meeting management
  • Financial management
  • Contract management
  • Public relations and promotions
  • Foodservice management
  • Tourism

Event Management Course as a career field requires planning and organizing an event such as an award show, jewellery exhibition, fashion show, etc. As part of hosting an event, a person needs to identify the target audience, decide the theme for the event, and send invites for the event being organized. These are the details of some courses under Event Management.

Managing meetings and events course

This course provides a broad introduction to the process of planning and managing meetings/events. Organization and information management in event planning is discussed in terms of creating event checklists, timelines, and mastering event production books. Instructors teach event management tools, such as service proposals for catering, printing, lodging, and other services required to carry out an event. This is the first required course in an event management certificate or degree program. This event management course duration will range from 6 to 12 months.

Special Events course

While dealing with a large event, such as a wedding or fundraiser, the event manager must coordinate multiple vendors, volunteer, and attend activities simultaneously. In this course, students learn the principles of managing large events while concentrating on the elements that make events distinctive, such as venue, decorations, food selection, and entertainment. Creating a themed event and making theme-appropriate choices are discussed. This course may be taken in the second year of an event management associate’s degree program.

Marketing course

In this course of study, students learn public relations and promotion skills. In an undergraduate event management program, this course would cover marketing fundamentals, such as targeting an audience, creating promotional materials to reach that audience, and setting ticket prices to cover event costs. In an event management graduate certificate program, this course may also discuss event sponsorship. Event marketing courses are required and may be completed in the second or third semester of a 2-year degree program or the first semester of a graduate certificate program.

Budget and Finance course

Producing an event takes funding. Event managers learn options for funding events, from acquiring sponsors to charging ticket or registration fees. Creating an event budget that incorporates pre-event, event, and post-event costs are taught. Students learn to use spreadsheets to create and analyze budget data. Profit margins for fundraising events are discussed. This course is taken over two semesters.

Event Accommodation management course

Event managers secure contracts with lodging facilities, such as hotels, motels, and conference centres. This course includes instruction on inspection and evaluation of event lodging facilities for convenience, cost, and comfort. Students use spreadsheets to manage room lists. Consideration of special lodging needs is discussed.

Legal Issues course

Students analyze common vendor contracts to determine areas of negotiation, including cancellation and termination clauses. An overview of potential event management liability issues is presented. This legal issues course includes an examination of what types of events require individual licenses, such as alcohol permits. Risk management is discussed in terms of liability insurance for the event manager and the event facility. This advanced course is for students in the final year of study.

Eligibility Criteria for Event Management Courses after 12th

There are few sets of criteria for a different degree that are to be met to pursue a career in Event Management Course after 12th they are listed below. 

For Graduate Degree Courses   

Candidates who are interested in event management courses after graduation can apply for a graduate course, either BBA or BA in event management after 10+2 with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. Also, some universities conduct a basic aptitude test as a part of the selection process.

For Certificate and Diploma Courses

  • Candidates should possess about 45% – 50% marks in class 10+2, to apply for certificate courses
  • The candidates applying for the PG Diploma course should complete his/her graduation with a minimum score of 50%

For Postgraduate Degree Courses

  • The candidates must have scored a minimum score of 60% in his/her graduation degree
  • No need for specific specialization to apply for postgraduate courses; Experience candidates can get good colleges
  • Management Entrance exams are conducted by the institutes such as CATCMATSNAP, and a few more

Skills required for Event Management Course after 12th

Leadership and decision-making skills are essential in this field as managers will be required to guide their teams to, fulfil their responsibilities carefully. Listed below are some of the skillset needed to be a good Event Manager

  • It is essential to have specific attributes such as marketing skills, HR skills, conceptualization skills, and more.
  • You should also be able to work as a team and keep your cool under stressful situations.
  • You should be able to create a network, maintain good public relations, and to socialize.
  • You should possess the ability to not only plan but execute efficiently as well.
  • You need to find the patience to deal with the requirements of your clients and the event’s audience.
  • You need to understand the work hours and their requirements.
  • You need to have the creative skepticism to regard what is right and appropriate for the event you are planning. 

Certificate Courses - Event Management courses after 12th

  • The Event Management course duration for Certified courses is about six months, and the eligibility is that the individual should have cleared their 12th boards from a reputed institute, and this certificate course gives you insight into the ethics and antics of event management and the challenges that come along with it as such.
  • The Event Marketing Course and Certification provides an international course supported by Eventbrite, and this course will relate articles on event marketing along with the certification.
  • The Event Sponsorship Course and Certification provides international courses along with a proficient certificate and benefit to establish a relationship with sponsors and deliver a flawless experience for employees.

Online Event Management courses

Rather than to go and study in college or an institution, there are various online courses from which we can gain knowledge in the field of the event management courses after 12th commerce, and also candidates can opt for business management courses after 12th science.

  • The course, Diploma in Event Management is provided by the City of Oxford College + Accelerated Professional Certification Course (Times & Trends Academy). With the duration of the 1-year course, the students acquire in-depth knowledge in Fundamentals of Event Management, Communication, Presentation & English, Technical Event Elements, Sponsorship, Marketing & Celebrity Management, Licensing & Permissions, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Customer Relationship.
  • Royale Institution provides a certified online course in Event Management with code CEM for three months which includes the various field of study in Event Management.  

A Career in Event Management in India

Event managers are accountable for the designing, organizing, and coordination of conventions, festivals, conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, weddings, product launches, and make the grand event success. Occasions and events are an essential part of every human life. Event management, the most profound form of advertising and marketing, and is a glamorous and thrilling profession in which a person can opt for a career in event management after graduation.

A career in event management after 12th is the best option for 12th Pass out students. Arts, Commerce, Science streams students can also join Event Management Degree and Diploma Program. Students also learn Organizing an event with a focused goal for a target audience, Visualizing concepts, Planning, Budgeting.

Event Management Jobs

There is a lot of job diversification in the event management industry. The event management industry has grown by leaps and bounds despite the economic situation in the country. Events such as weddings, birthday parties, talent hunts, and reality shows, fashion and cultural shows, academic and sports meet, religious functions, corporate events, conferences, and so on happen in abundance in a country like India. There are a lot of opportunities for youngsters who want to quit their regular jobs and pursue a career in this Industry. One can begin their career by joining a company that specializes or indulges in conducting and planning events for various purposes.

After gaining a lot of experience and learning a different aspect, you will be able to run a company all by yourself. If you don’t want to take up the risk of starting your own company, you can take up freelancing which is also a profitable option. Talented youngsters who wish to leave their mark in this Industry have numerous avenues. You can join an event management company or a media house that specializes in event management activities. Once you have garnered ample experience, you can either start working in the capacity of a freelancer or event set up your own events business.

Types of Event Management Jobs

The most common types of event management are popular for a reason: they are effective at achieving the desired result of the planners. Whether hosting a conference or a golf tournament, companies use these events to bring people together in a new way, developing interpersonal relationships that don’t exist inside the structure of the office.

  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Golf Events
  • Team Building events

Seminars and Conferences

Organizations plan meetings with targeted audiences and provide them with relevant information. In our case Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting a couple of hours to a few workdays. They have single or multiple keynote speakers and generally keep all participants together in the same space. Conferences, on the other hand, typically have multiple sessions. They are usually held at hotels, beginning with a keynote session and then offering breakout sessions on various topics.

Trade shows

Event organizers choose to host or sponsor a trade show to reinforce their image as an industry leader among those who attend. Event planning for trade shows involves negotiating sponsorship rates for every booth space, advertising, promotion, and speaking opportunities where company leadership can speak. Trade shows are held in large areas, showcasing the products and services of often hundreds of vendors.

Golf Events

A favorite event of almost every organization is an annual golf outing. Relationship management is the primary objective in event management, and teams are often constructed for that purpose. The idea, like the executive retreat, is to give people in the organization a venue where they will be able to build relationships in a relaxed environment.

Team Building Events

The purpose of Team-building events is meant to build upon the company’s strengths while boosting employee confidence, goodwill, and morale. These events also provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment. Physical group activities like a ropes course or a whitewater canoe ride epitomize the corporate team-building event. Companies all around the nation specialize in hosting team-building events in intricate indoor and outdoor courses of their design. Team-building activities can also include workshops about emotions in the workplace as well as sensitivity training.

Pros and Cons of Event Management jobs

Here are the main advantages/disadvantages of selecting a career in Event Management. For every idea, there will be an individual perspective of taking things, in the same way, Event Management also has both Pros and Cons.

  • One can get a lot of opportunities to associate with celebrities from different industries, and it can include cine stars, sportspersons, politicians, corporate moguls, and so on.
  • You will attain a sense of satisfaction if you complete large-scale events with perfection.
  • You get the thrill of organizing and managing events from their concept up to their execution.
  • You gain an insight into the glamour and excitement of socializing with successful individuals and artists.
  • You have the satisfaction of having pulled off grand events with self-confidence.
  • You get numerous opportunities to rub shoulders with celebrities from different walks of life be it cine stars, sportspersons, politicians, corporate moguls, and so on.

Like a coin with two sides, there are also few drawbacks in selecting a career in Event Management.

  • As with most of the creative jobs, a job in the event management industry also doesn’t have fixed timing for work.
  • An event manager has to meet up with the expectations of their clients, and sometimes it might be hard and tedious to fulfill their expectations.
  • There is no fixed schedule for work, and the amount of work also varies.
  • You have to cope up with immense work pressure to live up to your client’s high expectations.
  • Like other creative pursuits, you will have to put in endless hours of hard work to meet your deadlines.

Job Types in Event Management

Here is the list of job types in Event Management

  • Event Management faculty
  • Public Relations Account Executive
  • Master of the Ceremony
  • Creative Designer
  • Marketing and business developmental professional
  • Lead Technical Developer

Event Management faculty

This career includes the aspects of managing every aspect of an event from the lighting to every minute detail of a backstage setup; this career can yield adventurous prospects and keep you up with the times of the present Industry. The pay scale is decent, and it allows you to grow and explore options available to you on a broader thought process.

Public Relations Account Executive

They usually work for PR agencies or firms,  integrated marketing consultancies, typically handling four or five different client accounts simultaneously. They tend to work on various campaigns with a variety of combinations depending on the agency they are collaborating with or working for/recruited. 

Master of the Ceremony

Usually also referred to as the host or the anchor of the event, all the proceedings and aspects of the event that is publicized to the audience is taken care of by the master of the ceremony, as they cater to the audience, the interactions, the front that the show puts up, the ideas presented and the entire aesthetic of presenting the event.

Creative Designer

Creative directors are the creative leads at advertising and marketing companies, working with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams, and marketers to create a vision for products sold.

Marketing and business developmental professional

As the title speaks for itself, this designation involves the antics of marketing the product or the event at hand and developing the process as you get along with it, while you come up with ideas that will improvise on the project you seem to be working on. 

Lead Technical Developer

Technical developers focus on the technological aspect of the project that they tend to be working on or with, the software related processing, tech development and maintenance, and so on.

Employment Areas 

To conduct a flawless event, many people work behind the scenes, and this is the reason why event management companies are always looking for hardworking and sincere event professionals.

Aspirants looking to make a career in the event management industry can go through the job profiles they can consider joining if they want to make a career in this field. Some Employment Areas are listed below

  • Public Relation Firms
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Event Management Consultancy
  • Political Parties
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Hotel, Travel, and Hospitality Industries
  • Newspaper Houses
  • Software Companies
  • Fashion Industry
  • Films and Serial Production Houses

This is all there is that you have to know about the arena of event management and all its advantages and criteria, with the uprising of the youth and varied political aspirations in the country, the need for event managers seem to be increasing and soaring heights, having said that, it is significant to understand that this career option is a wise one to make.

Job prospects and Event Management salary in India

Events management is a competitive area and experience can be just as important as your degree subject for getting a job in the sector. Experience in any role involving customer service will raise your profile, especially in hospitality or tourism. Many events organizations look for casual staff to help out at their events, and this can be a good way to gain skills and build up contacts in the sector.

Job Prospects

Event management is a profession that demands high perfection and hard work and a sea of patience. As the event management industry tends to grow by leaps and bounds, trained candidates in this sector have excellent job opportunities. The execution of the event is a process of projecting a small idea in a whole new way. The event manager must develop, manage, and turn the idea into a success. For this, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the product or brand for which the event is being organized. A manager/consultant in corporations has to make sure that the company maintains a high profile by writing and publishing media releases regularly, inviting special guests for events, etc.

The work of an event manager involves conceptualizing an occasion keeping in mind the requirements as well as objectives of the client, planning the event, coordinating with different agencies to organize the event, seeking permission from various government authorities, visualizing the stage design, arranging performers and media promoters for the event, etc. They have to look into each minute detail, set goals, and meet deadlines to make the event a spectacle. Immense work pressure, long and endless hours of hard work quite often outside regular business hours, are all part and parcel of achieving a rewarding outcome in this field.

Event Management Salary in India

The salary paid in this industry is based upon your role and responsibility. The pay-scale also depends on other factors such as the organization you’re hired at, the clients you and your organization are working for, your experience, and it also depends on the geographical location of your organization. As an entry-level employee in this Industry, you can expect a paycheck anywhere between 3.3L to 5L per annum for a start in the field of Event Management. The remuneration will increase along with your experience and area of expertise. You can earn big money working in the capacity of an expert freelancer or the owner of your own event management company. This is a lucrative field in which high performers are paid handsomely.

Event Management companies in India

The Event Management industry has grown potentially well over the last decade and has seen tremendous participation in events on specific topics. Be it a concert, conference, corporate event, or marathons; people have started to take an interest in all kinds of activities in operating conditions. Some of the top event management companies are

  • Wizcraft
  • Tafcon
  • WOW Events
  • Pegasus
  • Percept

Job in Wizcraft event management company

Wizcraft event management course is India’s most reputed brand activation and entertainment management company. They are the trendsetters in the event industry. Wizcraft event management company profile has loads of high profile events up their sleeves, and they are doing better every year to prove their creativity, not just in India but globally. It is in the business of creating experiences, and our staunch belief is that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. Wizcraft, a pioneer in the events, exhibitions, activations, television, PR & digital space has been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India.


The Industry is now witnessing changing trends. General fairs have given way to specialized commodity trade shows. Targets have become focussed, the gamut of exhibitions expanded, and standards turned global. It is a scenario in which professional trade fair organizers alone can cater to the needs of the Industry by presenting B2B oriented fairs that lead to trade and joint ventures.

TAFCON is a professionally managed company with over five decades of experience & expertise in organizing international Exhibitions & Conferences in India & Overseas. Masterminded by a core team of experts, Tafcon is one of the leading names for the development of trade exhibitions in India. They have organized Coal beneficiation, IME, Travel tourism and hospitality expo, and other government events. Although not very active on social media as a brand themselves, TAFCON has shown brilliant event organizing skills in their conferences.

WOW Events

WOW! is a one-stop, full-service event production company that serves corporate, high school, and personal clients. The number of events we produce means we have exclusive access to some of Southern California’s most sought-after venues. We can give you options other companies can’t – options you didn’t even know you had. The events conducted by WOW have a good experience in Product launches, they have launched products with stunning success for G five, Hitachi I clean, Jaypee Cement, Orient fans, and Ultratech premium cement launch among some big names. They have organized a lot of special events like HT city campus fashionista, The Anoushka Shankar Project, and Max Bupa champions league among many others.


Pegasus is an event management company that organizes corporate events like conferences, exhibitions, meetings, product launches to personal events like weddings and parties, Pegasus has emerged as a go-to event management solution for Corporates and individuals alike.


Percept Entertainment, the Strategic Business Unit of Sports & Entertainment, is focussed on the core areas of Event Marketing & Management. Percept Entertainment was formed with a vision to service the entertainment industry with an array of innovative, exclusive, specialized, and customized 360-degree entertainment products and services. Percept Entertainment prides itself in constantly conceptualizing and creating concepts & ideas that showcase innovation, exceptional out-of-the-box creativity, and strategic 360-degree products and offerings that magnify the entire event experience.

Best Event Management Colleges in India

An event management course as a career profile involves one to organize large events such as conferences, parties, concerts, etc. Further, to make the event more successful, the event manager needs to devise a theme for the event and after that to plan the logistics as well as identify and coordinate the technical aspects well in advance, before the actual event is to take place. Here is the list of colleges where you can find event management course details. In India, many colleges provide the best courses in Event Management. Still, most of the students prefer event management courses in Delhi or Mumbai, or Bangalore because of its exposure, opportunity, and lifestyle for people preferring event management careers. Here are some of the colleges are listed below for the ease of the viewers

  • Prestige Institute of Management and Research, [PIMR] Indore
  • The University of Mumbai, [UM] Mumbai
  • Pacific University, [PU] Udaipur
  • RIMT University, Gobindgarh
  • College of Events & Media, [CEM] Pune

Event Management courses in Delhi

Various courses like in Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • Impact Institute of Event Management
  • EMDI Institute of Media and Communication
  • Delhi school of Wedding Planning
  • Kipzer
  • Infowiz

Event Management courses in Bangalore

Various courses in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • Livewires
  • Wings Creation Pvt limited
  • Purple feather production
  • Arunodaya Learning & Development LLP
  • Mozavi technologies Pvt limited
  • Sprychampion Institute

Event Management courses in Mumbai

Various courses in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • National academy of Media and Events
  • Rising Media tools
  • C-bit Computers
  • Test
  • The Ostrich

Event management courses in Goa

Various courses like in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • Trendz Event Management
  • Flairmania Bartending Events

Event Management courses in Kolkata

Various courses like in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • National academy of Media and Events
  • Tag App Services LLP
  • Gurukul activity
  • Eastern Education and placement
  • Human before Resource Pvt limited

Event Management courses in Hyderabad

Various courses like in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • Livewires
  • Mak Aviation Academy
  • Aptech Aviation and Hospitality Academy
  • Kranthi Kumar Katta
  • Geetanjali facility management services

Event Management courses in Pune

Various courses like in management and Arts & media job training are provided by some of the top institutions listed below

  • Times and Trends Academy
  • Times and Trends Learning solutions Pvt limited
  • Ideadunes
  • KUDALKARS Chartered
  • Mahesh Kadam
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