Top 10 Career Options after 12th | Best Courses,Streams and Jobs

There are many Career Options after 12th available to the students. Find the Best courses after 12th and their prospects to accomplish your life goals!

After 12th is the time when students dive into the world of highher education.Therefore, Choosing the best course in order to get the best career options are super important. Getting into a good field is the first step to have the best career options after 12th. Each and every field that a student might choose as their career option after 12th has immense potential and scope. All that needs to be paid attention bto is getting into the best courses after 12th.

Many times students are confused about what course to do after 12th and can’t take a stand and absorb themselves. In such a case, the best way to choose your career option after 12th is to see what talent you have and how you can work upon that talent to be successful. Being precise in your choices is also important to choose the best course after 12th. Once you have chosen your field,you need to know which specialization you want to go for. This would define your career options for the future. Keeping this in mind, here are some intresting and lucrative career options after 12th for various fields that students can opt for.

Top 10 Career Options after 12th | Best Courses,Streams and Jobs

The first and primary step tio finding your career options after 12th is to finding your field and inspecting the best courses in them,which would bring you to your vast array of career options.Therefore, we would be looking at a few fields of each career option after 12th and understanding the best courses they have to offer.

1. Finance

Description of the Course: If you are familiar with terms like investments, stocks and securities then a career option after 12th in finance is worth considering. The finance sector is basically opted by commerce students after 12th. However, it is not limited to commerce students only and can also be opted by the students of science,arts and honors streams as a course after 12th too. The finance industry comprises of various sectors including Accounting,Banking, and Insurance which makes your career options after 12th widespread.

Career Options after 12th: The finance industry offers a diverse range of career options to beginners and professionals who possess the right skill sets. There is a wide scope in this industry nowadays,every private or public sector require Accounting and Finance specialist. The students have great career option after 12th in various fields like Financial Analyst, Actuarial Scientist, Banker, Chartered Accountant, Stockbrokers, Risk Analyst,Economist, and Auditors.


2. Medicine

Description of the Course:The medical field is considered as one of the best and highly reputed fields in india. The students can work either as a Doctor or a medicinal professional in the fields post pursuing one of the best courses after 12th. Becoming a doctor is not a cup of tea as it requires tremendous dedication and empathy.It is categorized as Bachelor’s degree courses, Certificate courses,Master,s degree courses, Diploma courses, and Short-term courses. Students can pursue their career option after 12th of being a doctor after a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery,Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery,Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery, etc. Students can also find career options and courses after 12th that are non-related to MBBS like Phlebotomy, Pharmacy,Nursing,Pharmacy,etc.

Career Otions after 12th: Medicine sector is a fast-growing and demanding sector. There are various career options after 12th available in organizations,hospitals,research laboratories, industries,pharmaceuticals, etc. However, you can also start your own clinic after becoming a doctor in any of the respective fields.All you need is a good medical degree after 12th.

3. Arts

Description of the Course: Most of the people in our society think that only weak students opt for Arts as their career option after 12th. Although this is not the truth as there is a lot of career options and courses are available for arts students after 12th. Students can choose the best course according to their area of interest. Once they have completed their 12th,they can pursue one of the best courses like Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Computer Application, Bachelor of Legislative Law, Bachelor of Business Administration and many more.

Career Options after 12th: Students belonging from Arts background have plenty of career options after 12th.There can work as business managers, musicians, lawyers, dancers, artists, architects, businessmen, writers, fashion designers, etc. Apart from this, then can also work in government sectors like banks, different departments, and ministries. Many Arts students appear for UPSC, SSC, State PSUs, Bank exams to join the bureaucracy as a career option.

4. Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Description of the Course: In India, science is one of the most popular streams to study. Many students opt for the science stream because it is one of the most lucrative and well-paid career options in India such as Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, and Architects. BSc is a three-year undergraduate course which a student can pursue right after 12th with PCM or PCB subjects. The BSc courses are of two types: Plain BSc and Professional BSc. The subjects included in Plain BSc courses are BSc (Physics), BSc (Chemistry), BSc (Biology), BSc (Botany), BSc (Zoology), BSc (Mathematics), etc. The subjects included in Professional BSc courses are BSc (Agriculture), BSc (Computer Sciences), BSc (Horticulture), BSc (Biochemistry), BSc (Animation), etc. Thus it is one of the best courses after 12th to pursue.

Career Options after 12th: There are various career options for Bsc students in India after 12th. Students after completing their degree can work in various areas that include both science and non-science fields. For e.g. BSc graduates can work in fields like engineering, law, managemnet, etc. They also have career options after 12th invarious Educational Institutes, Researc Firms, Hospitals, Space Research Institutes, Aquariums, Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, etc. Job profile includes Teachers, Chemist, Scientist, Enumerators, Lecturers and Research analyst.

5. Engineering

Description of the Course: Pursuing engineering in India is a very common thing. Students after 12th opt for engineering course intentionally or unintentionally. Yes, that’s right because some students drift into engineering because they are led by their parents/society or friends. There are many sub-fields in the engineering course for which a students can opt according to his/her interests. The students can pursue engineering in sub-fields like Mechnical, Civil, Electrical, Information Technology, Computer and Electronics. There are many colleges in india that offer these best courses. These are really good career options after 12th for engineering students.

Career Otions after 12th: Engineers are in huge demand both in India and as well as in Foreign countries. Their are various career options in the field of engineering. Engineers can get jobs in many reputed companies like MNCs like Accenture,Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, TATA, Mahindra, etc. They also have huge scope in many government companies scope in many government companies like BHEL, SAIL, Hindustan lever Ltd, DRDO, Air India, etc. They can also opt for higher studies and can prepare for ESE or IAS Examinations. gain the bottom line is, that you need to get into one of the best courses available after 12th.

6. Journalism

Description of the Course: Journalism is the art of creating, collecting and presenting information to the people. The students can pursue this course after 12th as it has best career options. This art of  presenting the information can be done through two mediums i.e. Print Media and Electronic Media. You can pursue B.A in Mass Media, B.A in Journalism, BSc in Journalism, etc after 12th.

Career Options after 12th: Nowadays, Journalism is a very challenging career option. There are Diverse career options after 12th as well in this field. You can have career opportunities in news channels,entertainment channels, newspapers and news agencies, etc. You can also work as News Correspondent, Editor, Feature Editor, Blogger, Columnist and News Anchor in various news agencies. However, students can also pursue higher education in Mass Media and Journalism, which are the best courses to apply for.

7. Fashion Designing

Description of the Course: Fashion Designing is one of the most creative course options after 12th. Fashion Designing involves creativity, designs, manufacturing, fabric, texture, and quality of clothes. You can pursue Fashion Designing course right after 12th. The best courses available in India are Bachelor in Designing, BSc in Fashion Designing.

Career Options after 12th: Fashion Designing has a great scope in today’s world. There are many career options after 12th available in this field. This field is not only demanding but also encompasses a high payscale. You can have a diverse number of career options in the fashion industry, namely design houses, boutiques, textile mills, media houses, leather companies, jewelry stores, garment stores, etc. The job profile for this career option includes Costume Designer, Graphic Designer, Cutting assistant, Personal Stylist, Technical Designer etc.


8. Law


Description of the Course: One of the most fundamental parts of our constitution is the Law. Law education is the only legal education in india that a student can pursue. Students are awarded Lawyer posts after the completion of this degree. The best courses of law available after 12th are Bachelor of Law, Integrated Undergraduate degree like BSc LLB, BALLB, etc.

Career Options after 12th: Law is considered as a very reputed career option in india. According to the Bar Council of India , India has a great demand for skilled lawyers. Nowadays, lawyers can work in various private and government departments, ministries and legal advisory firms and organizations. Job profile includes Legal Advisor, Civil Litigation Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Legal Analyst, Government Lawyer, Judge and Document Drafting Lawyer. It is a good career option after 12th to pursue.


9. Teaching

Description of the Course: Education plays a vital role in the development and growth of a country. We live in a society where the teachers are highly valued and respected. Teaching in India is considered a noble profession. Teaching can be a very demanding and challenging profession as teachers. The teachers not only provide students with academic developments but also groom the students with skills like value education, personality development, etc. The best courses after 12th in this field are BSc, B.A+B.ED (integrated program), B.P.ED etc.

Career Options after 12th: Teaching also has great scope in a country like India, this career option can fetch you a lot. Therefore, there is a huge demand for highly skilled and qualified teachers. There are ample of opportunities in teaching sectors. However, jobs depend upon the professional course selected by you. Teachers can work in Education Consultancies, Schools, Colleges, etc. They can also start their own coaching centre as a career option. They can work as a Nursery Teacher, College Professor, Primary Level Teachers, Secondary Level Teachers, Higher Secondary Level Teacher, Assistant Professors, etc.


10. Chartered Accountant

Description of the Course: Chartered Accountant and training courses in India are managed by the ICAI. ICAI stands for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India and is also responsible for maintaining the quality of CA course and education in India. For becoming a CA, the students need to clear all the three levels i.e. CPT, IPCC and CA Final exams. It is one of the best courses after 12th that commerce students can pursue. The main role of Chartered Accountants is to deal with accounting, auditing, and financial management. Therefore you can say that this career option is a tough nut to crack, although not impossible.

Career Options after 12th: There are numerous career options for CAs in India. They have diverse opportunities in private as well as government sectors as a career option after 12th. Nowadays, most of the companies hire CAs to deal with their tax and finance matters in an efficient way. They also have a huge scope in Finance Companies, Law firms, Banking & Insurance Sector, Investment Banking firms, Stock Broking firms, Corporate Houses, etc. After gaining higher education and experience, they may venture into fields like Finance Planning, Risk Assessment, and Budget management, etc.

I hope, we have cleared some air with listing some of the most sort after career options and best courses that students tend to pursue after 12th.

Sonali Kashyap
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