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Concordia University: Rankings, Courses, Admissions, Tuition Fee, Cost of Attendance & Scholarships

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Located in the vibrant city of Montreal, Concordia University is one of the renowned names in the list of reputed higher education institutes of Canada. Established in the year 1974 with a merger of Sir George Williams University and Loyola College, the institute offers more than 300 undergraduate and a plethora of graduate courses for international students across the globe.

Across its 4 faculties, a graduate school and a number of colleges and education centres, the university offers such diverse and ranging options in programs that if it’s thinkable, it’s available. With a student population of around 40,000 students hailing from over 150 countries, the university is one of largest Canadian institutes in terms of enrolment. 

The university offers some exceptionally brilliant programs and is strikingly rising the rankings ladder with its unparalleled co-op programs. With its John Molson School of Business being honored in the top 10 National business schools, the organization is becoming one of the coveted institutes for international aspirants. While its popular majors in MBA, Engineering, Economics and Marketing are compared to some of the ivy league courses, its Masters (MS) in Computer Science has observed a growth of nearly 400% and is quickly becoming the choice of the hour. 

Admissions at Concordia University are usually available in the seasonal intakes of Fall and Winter and observe an acceptance rate of around 80%. While the high admission rate makes the institute easily accessible than other prestigious Canadian Universities, however, note that studies at the institute are no cake-walk and requires the students to be passionate and diligent towards their fields of interest. 

Montreal, an IT hub, has tremendous job opportunities for the students as it houses a great number of startups and IT giants. Since Concordia University ensures its candidates are skilled and well-prepared for the real world challenges, the institute with its high employment rate of more than 95% guarantees one of the high-paying jobs in Canada for its graduates.

Table of Contents

1. Rankings
2. Admission
2.1 Programs
2.2 Deadlines
2.3 Admission Process
3. Campus & Accomodation Options
3.1 University Campus
3.2 Housing and Residence Facilities
4. Cost of Attendance
4.1 Tuition Fee
4.2 Other Expenses
5. Scholarships
6. Conclusion

1. Rankings

The university is gaining leading positions in the list of top Canadian Universities Rankings  at a rapid pace and is regarded as one of the economical and most favourite institutes for international students. Some of the popular rankings for the organization are as follows:

  • The university was awarded the rank #34 in Regional Universities West category by the survey reports of US News, 2020.
  • Young University Rankings, 2019 honored the institute among 101-150th universities in the World.
  • Concordia University also ranked among the top 500 institutes in the world for its high employability rate by the survey conducted by QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2020.
  • This organization is equally reputed when it comes to its subject rankings and is leading with its 15 of 48 total subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2018

2. Admissions

2.1 Programs

Concordia university offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs across its 4 faculties, a graduate school and a number of colleges and centres. The institute also provides various online, continuing education and experiential learning courses for international aspirants across the world. 

The faculties available at the university which offer several popular majors like MBA, Computer Science, Marketing, Engineering and Economics, to name a few, 

are as mentioned below.

  • Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • John Molson School of Business

Enrollment statistics for the respective faculties is depicted in the chart below. 

2.2 Deadlines

Deadlines for international applicants of the university have been compiled as follows. Students are highly encouraged to send in applications at the earliest possible opportunity to gain some preference over the late applicants. Note that these deadlines are not fixed and entries received post them shall also be considered for the Fall semester, as and if the space permits.

Undergraduate courses

The general application deadlines for undergraduate programs are as mentioned below. Aspirants must note that the majority of the courses are available in fall season with only a selected few being offered in winter intake

Season of IntakeApplication Deadline

Graduate Courses

Deadlines for sending in applications for enrolling into diverse graduate programs varies and are as tabulated below.

Name of ProgramSeptember IntakeJanuary IntakeMay Intake
Computer Science1-Jun1-Oct1-Feb
Software Engineering1-Feb1-Jul-

2.3 Admission Process

Application process in a few easy steps has been explained as follows:

  • Choose a program of interest (maximum 3) and check its corresponding general and course-specific requirements.
  • Additional specifications for international students inclusive of English language proof and country-specific requirements shall also be checked.
  • Submit the completed form online along with essential documents like transcripts, test scores, et al.
  • Provide additional admission related requirements (if any) such as letter of intent, resume, portfolio, among others.
  • Track your application status at the official website and wait for an offer of place post which you shall consult the nearest Canadan Embassy and apply for avisa to study in Canada.

3. Campus and Accommodation Options

3.1 University Campus

Concordia University is divided into two campuses namely Loyola and Sir George Williams (Main Campus) located in Notre-Dame-de-Grace district and Quartier Concordia in the Montreal downtown. Both campuses are located at a 7 kilometers distance from each other and are connected via a free shuttle-bus service for students and staff.

The university’s campuses are easily accessible by public transport and can also be accessed b= via biking facilities that the city of Montreal offers. FUll-time candidates enrolled at the institute are provided monthly metro passes at reduced prices to make travelling cheaper and comfortable for the students.

Montreal as a city is regarded as one the best cities for international students in Canada which provides tons of entertainment and recreational options for the aspirants. With maximum number of parties & festivals, endless number of pubs, cafes & restaurants and sites like Basilique Notre-Dam, Musee Pointe-e-Calliere & Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal, et al., the city is an ever lively and vibrating place of activity which ensures that the students never find a chance to get bored.

3.2 Housing and Residence Facilities

The institute has 4 on-campus residence halls with all the basic and modern facilities for its students. It is mandatory for all first-year undergraduate students to stay on-campus. The residential capacities of the residencies at the university are:

  • Grey Nuns Residence – 601 students
  • Hingston Hall (HA) – 131 students
  • Hingston Hall (HB) – 118 students
  • Jesuit Residence – 61 students

While Grey Nuns housing facility is located in the Sir George Williams campus, Hingston Hall and Jesuit Residence are provided by the Loyola Campus and are overlooked by Resident Life Assistants and Managers. 

Off-Campus Accommodation

The university also has an alternative off-campus housing facilities for students looking for their own place and privacy. Students can seek all the help regarding the same from university portal “Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank (HOJO)”. Since Montreal offers various housing options at cheaper prices for the candidates, an average rent for a room with basic facilities would range somewhere between 450 CAD per to 800 CAD per month.

4. Cost of Attendance

For international candidates aspiring to study at the university, it is mandatory to have an estimate of the cost of living in Canada to survive comfortably in a foreign land. The list of basic expenses to be considered for applying for the admission at the institute is as detailed below.

4.1 Tuition Fee

Fee for the various programs offered by the institute varies as per the level and type of course. An estimated cost of study for some popular programs for the sessional term of 2020-2021 has been tabulated as follows:

Type of ProgramTuition Fee (in USD)
Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science22,340
Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Commerce27,260
Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Science24,820
Bachelor of Fine Arts22,440

Graduate Courses

Type of ProgramTuition Fee (in USD)
Certificate (15 or 16 credits)12,803 to 15,257
Diploma (30 credits)24,392 to 29,209
Master’s Program (45 credits)31,141 to 43,423
Master’s Program (60 credits)41,920 to 58,309
PhD Program (90 credits)56,703 to 57,111

4.2 Other Expenses

Other living expenses apart from tuition fee for an academic year at the institute are as mentioned below.

Type of ExpenditureCost (in USD, per year)
Books and Supplies416
Public Transit4,800
Utilities3,871 to 7,320

5. Scholarships

The university awards various scholarships for international students to study in Canada which are automatically released through its Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee. The scholarships are usually offered based on the top assessment GPA and other extracurricular track records. Various mediums through which help if offered to the candidates in need is as follows.

Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries

There is no separate application for these studentships and the candidate’s application for the Concordia University automatically makes them eligible for these scholarships.

These are usually merit-based scholarships. Incoming students in need of financial aid are also eligible for these awards and special funding in the form of a bursary which can be applied using an entrance bursary form on

External Financial Awards

Such awards require a separate application and are offered as bursaries and scholarships by various external companies, foundations, societies and clubs the list of which is available at 

Government Student Aid Programs

International applicants can also seek help from the Financial Aid and Awards Office in order to avail the benefits of the government’s student financial aid program to pursue their higher studies in Canada at Concordia University.

Some of the popular scholarships provided by the institute are as mentioned below.

  • Concordia University Doctoral Graduate Fellowship awards 14,000 CAD to candidates per year which can be renewed for up to 4 years.
  • Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence helps students cover their tuition fee amount and is valued at approximately 37,915 CAD.
  • Concordia Merit Scholarship if offered to scholars and achievers of their respective fields and is valued at 10,000 CAD.


The university is a comprehensive institute which believes in balancing education and fun and aims at finding new innovative solutions to all the new world challenges. While it may still not be in the league of prestigious institutes like McGill or Princeton, however, it is spectacularly becoming popular with its high-quality plethora of programs and increasing rate of graduate employment. It is also comparatively one of the affordable universities in for aspirants looking to study in Canada and is a favored choice among applicants of average income families.

Montreal as a city is one of the popular options for international aspirants. While on one hand it is this beautiful city with scenic beauty, great nightlife and tons of entertainment sources, it is also on the other hand highly economical with a welcoming friendly crowd of people. Thus, making Concordia University a worthwhile pursuit.


Master Applied Computer Sciences$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Computer Science [M.C.S]$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Electrical and Computer Engineering$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Mechanical Engineering$ 13,050
Bachelor of Computer Science [B.C.S] Computer Applications$ 14,0854 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Computer Engineering$ 14,0854 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Science [M.Sc] Finance$ 15,0002 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Arts [M.A] Economics$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Science [M.Sc] Management$ 27,825
Executive Master of Business Administration [E.M.B.A]$ 28,1252 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Industrial Engineering$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master Supply Chain Management$ 28,33316 MONTHSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] Management$ 18,4504 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor Business Technology Management$ 18,4504 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor Administration$ 18,4504 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Information Systems Security$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] International Business$ 18,4504 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Master of Arts [M.A] Psychology$ 13,0502 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Mathematics and Statistics$ 13,0504 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS
Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Mechanical Engineering$ 14,0854 YEARSTOEFL 80IELTS 6.5VIEW DETAILS

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