Tips for engineering entrance exams 2021

A way into one of the top colleges is like finding a needle from the grass. Needless to say, you would need assistance for trying candidates who want to crack their critical engineering entrance exams 2021 on one ride. You will end up with more mindful strategies. Here we go through a common strategy to crack 2021 B Tech entrance exam before the dates mentioned in the exam calendar. But before checking the exam calendar, you must be aware of the qualification segment required to be satisfied or eligible for the exam.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For seeking after any B. Tech course, class 12 in Science stream is must with Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics as the subjects in their +2 exams, must secure at least 50 percent of marks in Class 12
  • Up to 5 percent of the minimum qualifying marks are granted as relaxation for the reserved categories such as SC/ ST.
  • Students must have studied Biology as one of the subjects in Class 12 for few engineering streams like Biomedical Engineering.

Preparation tips:

The exam is not that tough as it appears. It is just a refinement of knowledge that is made to appear in the merry go round. You just need to precede your preparation starting from derivations to clearing your +1 and +2 concepts, practice more questions and also go for mocks. There is no shortcut for success as well as no free lunch. Below are suggested ways to carry:

  1. When you have enough time (1yr-6 months).
  2. When you have only a few months or few days.


Starting at the earliest is much better than being late.

  • MAKE A PRECISE GOAL AND NOTE IT DOWN ON A PAPER: If you want to take admission in IIT then write down on which IIT, and why that one, Time limits to cover every topic. Be precise for each bit of your target.
  • MAKE A TIME TABLE: For the entrance exam, 7-8 hours of sitting with proper breaks is the best strategy. Many researchers suggest for a break of 10-15 minutes after every 20-30 minutes of studying is more effective than a continuous one. Don’t stretch your limits to remain awake. If you want to extend your limits then extend them mindfully not physically.
  • CLEARING CONCEPTS AND MAKING OF NOTES: It includes making up a short note for each topic including important formulas and ways to reach out a derivation. Try to solve it on your own with understanding to build your basics.
  • 111 RULE: It is a tactic to memorize easily what you learned.1-day then after1-week and then after 1 month. Continuing this cycle newly after every month will help you a lot.
  • SAMPLE PAPERS AND MOCK TEST: Try to solve questions on daily basis before going to bed. A mock test is preferred as it will help to speed up your way to approach a problem.


  • MAKE A SHORT TIME TABLE: It is a layout to cover only the important topics i.e. most scoring topics numerically.
  • REVISION: Revise daily and go through each numerical, solving by own approximately 3-4 times.
  • MOCK TEST OR PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS: At least try to go through any one of them i.e. either mock or previous year paper.
  • NEGATIVE MARKING: Don’t try to tick blindly. Stay cool and calm while answering to question and be sure to answer that what you know.


Hold the strings of conviction. Trust in your work and preparation. Keep up the good work and you can crack B. Tech admission 2021 and go through the Engineering admission process 2021. To know more about entrance exams and get regular updates on various examinations, follow our posts and blogs on our website.

Abhishek Tuteja
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