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The United Kingdom (UK) is regarded as a pioneer in many areas of education such as finance, law, engineering, art & design and business & management. The UK is the world centre for scientific research that makes it attractive for some of the best thinkers in the world. The UK’s population is just 1% of the world’s population, and the country is directly responsible for almost 8% of global scientific publications.

The education system in the UK is world-renowned/ popular with qualifications that play a vital role in defining your future. The UK attracts almost 600,000 international students annually. Lakhs of international students are enrolled in a variety of courses ranging from English language course to doctorate level courses at the UK universities. 

The UK education system is designed in such a way that it gives liberty to students to combine courses and subjects from different areas of studies. In simple words, the UK education system helps you to tailor your degree as per your own interest and needs. 

Universities In UK

UK University Ranking

UNIVERSITYTHE 2018QS 2018US World 2018
University of Cambridge - [CAM]377
University of Oxford - [OX]155
Imperial College London9818
University of Edinburgh - [ED]291827
King's College London - [KCL]383139
University of Manchester572958
London School of Economics and Political Science - [LSE]2638234
University of Glasgow - [GLA]936995
University of Bristol785177
University of Southampton11896-
University of Warwick7954138
University of Birmingham1167996
University of Sheffield10675132
Durham University - [DUR]11474185
University of Leeds15393153
University of St Andrews16597248
Queen Mary, University of London - [QMUL]130119110
Queen's University Belfast - [QUB]201-250180293

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The United Kingdom is one of the prominently celebrated study-abroad destinations that attracts millions of international students representing over 86 countries across the globe. Often counted in the list of the 3 most coveted countries for international candidates, including Canada and USA, the UK is renowned for its undisputed reputation in the field of education and has over 150 top universities in the UK ranking globally for their curriculum and research methods.

India was amongst the second-highest nations that made up the student body of the UK in 2019 after China (23.2%). As per the survey results of India Today 2020, UK ranked amongst the most preferred international destinations among Indian students. Beating Canada and USA to lead at #1 with nearly 28% of the total votes, the country has managed to gather a huge fascination among global applicants.

While COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has hit the world hard in almost all respects, the data revealed by Vigo Stacey June 2020 reflects that currently, over 90% of the South Asians still prefer to study overseas with half of them seeking to study in the UK followed by Canada. The number of international students in the country has seen a huge growth over the years, the trends for which are as depicted below.

Why Study in UK?

From globally reputed institutes to remarkable research alternatives, diverse population and amazing jobs, the UK as a country never disappoints its aspirants. Along with this there are other factors which are responsible for influencing students to study in the UK which includes:

  • Internationally Recognised Universities: Universities in the UK have a remarkable international reputation. According to QS World University Rankings, 4 of the top 6 universities in the world are in the UK.
  • Two-year Stay Back: Since the UK Government has allowed a standard stay-back time of 2 years in the UK for international students which allows them sufficient time to explore a range of opportunities and apply for jobs post completing their degrees adds to the credit of studying in the UK.
  • Shorter Duration of Courses: With over 60,000 courses to choose from some of the top universities in the UKhave some great courses fit for the needs of every individual. The short duration courses in the UK that can be completed in the span of 6 to 11 months will not only help reduce the tuition fee but also the accommodation costs.
  • Lower Tuition Fee: An average fee for a master’s program in the country is comparatively lower to its other competitors like the US with 17,392 and 38,380 GBP, respectively as the standard fee for most of the graduate courses.
  • Strong Research Infrastructure: The latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) classifies 30% of UK university research as ‘world-leading’. About 46% is considered as ‘internationally excellent’.
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid: The UK offers up to 100% Scholarship on tuition fees in some of the most renowned institutes and allows a fair chance to all to be a part of the UK education system.
  • Employment/Job Opportunities: With a globally renowned curriculum and research-oriented skills, candidates having studied from the UK have a high employment rate of over 90% for most of its universities.

Study in UK: Top universities for international students

To help you research your dream university, some of the most reputed and top-ranking universities in the UK and the world, along with their location and acceptance rate are as tabulated below.

Name of the InstituteTHE World Rankings 2021THE UK Rankings 2021
University of Oxford11
University of Cambridge62
Imperial College London113
University College London (UCL)164
London School of Economics and Political Science275
University of Edinburgh306
King’s College London357
University of Manchester518
University of Warwick779
University of Bristol9110

Popular Courses in UK

For all the prospective applicants, the country offers a plethora of diverse study abroad programs in the UK ranging from STEM programs to Humanities and a varied variety of non-conventional courses. The fascinating part about these thousands of courses is that they are offered from a duration as small as 6 months to a program of 5 to 6 years and fit the criteria of best courses to study for jobs in the UK.

Some of the highly popular programs for masters(MS) in UK comprise Business and Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Media and Communication, Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, among others. The details of some of the conveyed choices in the list of programs for international students are as tabulated below.

Popular ProgramBest UK University for the courseDurationEmployment Rate
MBALondon School of Business15 to 21 months94%
Civil EngineeringImperial College3 years78.40%
Masters (MS) in LawUniversity of Cambridge3 years93.30%
MedicineUniversity of Oxford5 to 6 years99.30%
Computer ScienceUniversity of Oxford3 years81.80%
MS in PsychologyUniversity of Oxford3 years83.70%
EducationDurham University3 years95.20%
Masters (MS) in ArchitectureUniversity of Cambridge3 years86.30%

International students form a highly significant part of the student body in the UK. According to the survey results of Higher Education Statistics Agency UK, nearly 127,335 of the international candidates in the country are engaged in Business programs with 22,045 and 32,890 students respectively in the stream of Medicine and Creative Arts. A graph depicting the distribution of international students across major fields of study across the country are as depicted below.

Cost of living

The cost of accommodation and other expenses in the country will highly depend upon your personal choices and the city you live in. For instance, While the average student accommodation prices in the UK is approximately 125 GBP per week, the similar rental will cost a student living in Northern Ireland around 91 GBP while to the one living in London it will be nearly 182 GBP which is exactly double.

Thus, while it is hard to calculate the exact amount, an estimated average cost of living and other expenditures for a student hoping to study in the UK is as follows:

Types of ExpensesCost (in GBP, per month)
Bills (electric/ gas/ water)40-50
Food160- 200
TV licence12.56 (or 150.50 per year)
Mobile phone15-50
Clothes and Leisure40-50
Books & supplies30
Visa application Fee (international candidates)348 (one time fee)

How to study in UK with scholarship?

For studying in the UK, international applicants can avail the use of scholarships and awards to up to 100%. While the UK government provides a wide array of its own awards and studentships to provide financial support for international students to study in the UK, the individual universities in the country also offer merit-based and additional awards for such aspirants. Scholarships for post graduate and doctoral courses in the UK are not open for all the candidates, as they have strict eligibility criteria.

Scholarships for International Students in UK

Some of the awards that an international candidate looking to finance his/her studies in the UK can avail have been compiled below.

Name of ScholarshipLevel of studyCountries eligibleEligibility criteriaApplications openAmount
Chevening ScholarshipsMaster’s144; around 700 scholarships per year---
Commonwealth ScholarshipsMaster’s and PhD62 commonwealth nationscommonwealth citizen, refugee or British protected person and at least 2:1 Honours degreeAugust before the course is due to startCovers tuition fees, a monthly living allowance and travel costs
Saltire ScholarshipsMaster'sCanada, India, Pakistan, USA and China-October, till May50 scholarships worth 8,200 GBP
The Australia Foundation TrustAll levels-Australian citizens entitled to live and study in the UK-10,251 GBP
Mackenzie King Memorial ScholarshipsMaster's/PhD-Degree from any Canadian university with a minimum grade A, across all coursesJanuary8,710 GBP worth scholarships plus travel allowances
China- Great ScholarshipsPostgraduate-Offer for a course at any one of the participating universitiesVaries across institutionsTotal 150 scholarships worth 10,24,667 GBP
BAFTA ScholarshipsMaster's-Chinese national seeking to study a postgraduate course in the field of film, television or gamesMarch (closes in June)10,246 GBP as tuition fee plus additional living expenses
Inlaks Scholarship All levels (but you must have an undergraduate degree)-Undergraduate degree, offer letter from a ‘top ranking' institution January - April-
Scholarship for students from USA in the UK Master's/PhD-Undergraduate degree; minimum 3.7 GPA and endorsed by applicant’s undergraduate university Late Spring, the year before the applicant is supposed to start studying -

Other awards like the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships and Felix Scholarships along with Fulbright Commission Scholarships are also available for international students to study in the UK.

To conclude, the United Kingdom over the years has shown tremendous growth in its number of international students who come every year to be a part of some of the world’s highly prestigious universities. From highly skilled faculty, research methods and employment opportunities to a great campus and student life, the UK is indeed a package deal.

With a total international student population of nearly 80 to 90% formed by 46% of the women candidates make for the diversity that the country offers. This knowledge and exposure of multi cultures and ethnicities add value to the job profile of an individual which is found highly attractive among top recruiters around the world and help them land high-paying jobs in UK. Thus, the UK has justifiably earned the rank in the list of top 3 overseas destinations among international aspirants and is undoubtedly a worthwhile pursuit.

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